Local (Unemployed) “Funtrepreneur” Decides the World Needs More Satire

Fake news is so damn tasty!

‘Fake news is so hot right now.’

That’s a quote from an over-educated and underemployed ‘funtrepreneur’, who recently decided that starting a satirical lifestyle blog would be a better option than actually finding gainful employment in an industry related to his field of study.

In an exclusive interview with the Blab Lab, the self-proclaimed ‘funtrepreneur’ (who we’ll call not-Jarrod) elaborated on what fuelled his decision-making process.

‘I just, you know, I just don’t think there are enough satirical websites out there at the moment. The world’s clearly gone mad for fake news. That’s what people want. People want bullshit stories about real people. I mean they don’t even have to be real. Bullshit stories about bullshit people,’ he here stroked his poor attempt at a beard and gazed out into the parking lot. ‘It’s all about, you know, supply and demand. I’m supplying what’s in demand: Capital B Bullshit. Capital F Fake news.’

The young man, who for reasons unknown wishes to remain anonymous, has clearly got good things coming to him. Because fake news is so hot right now!

‘Damn right it is,’ he said, sipping on a $1 coffee purchased from 7-11 just before we met for the interview. ‘Even Borat’s made a comeback. Have you seen that shit? Jesus. I mean if Borat can do it, why can’t I, hey?’

During the course of our interview, not-Jarrod took me for a stroll through his office, i.e., the streets of Melbourne. ‘I just don’t think that, you know, hiring out office space is necessary these days. It’s so expensive. Why pay $800 a month for a tiny room with shit wi-fi (pronounced wi-h-fhee) and basically no amenities when you can just like, you know, sit around in a café all day… for free?’

Jarrod confesses that he often doesn’t even purchase a coffee in the local cafes whose wifi he extorts, ‘because the staff are so shit, they often don’t even take my order. Which is fine with me. All I want is the wi-fi anyway. Beats working at home, y’know. Mum’s always on my case.’

Fake news is tastier than a ciggie after fellatio—anon


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