Adorable Local “Writer” Under the Impression that World Gives a Shit About What he has to Say

After graduating from a BA with ‘pretty good’ marks at RMIT university, Jeremy McIntosh, an avid Pokémon collector who can tell you all about why 1984 is ‘so relevant right now’, is convinced that he has something of worth to contribute to the canon of world literature.

I just feel like there isn’t anyone who’s really speaking to me right now. You know. No one who’s really digging into that sticky core of the human condition.

We asked Jeremy if he liked any contemporary writers, admittedly a stupid question for which we received precisely what was deserved: a roll of the eyes and a cheeky little smirk.
‘Don’t be silly. Of course not! When and if I read – got to keep original, after all – I stick to the classics, literature that’s survived the ages. What’s the point of reading work that’s basically the equivalent of reality television – in fashion one second, forgotten the next.’
Jeremy revealed that he has no real plans for the future. He’s working casually at a grocer in Footscray, which he says he loves. And he’s about 3,000 words into writing a screenplay, for which he has the highest of hopes.
‘Yeah I’m just cruising along for the time being.’ He tapped his typewriter and sipped his clearly finished coffee. ‘This bad boy’s keeping me busy enough as it is. Once I’m done writing this screenplay and make a bunch of cash, I’ll have all the time in the world to just write and live the dream.’A member of the wait staff approached us and asked if we’d like any more coffees. Jeremy looked at me, shrugged, and asked if we’ d be buying.

‘I’m only 32, you know. As long as I’ve got my typewriter, a soy latte, and a strong wifi connection – just so I can catch up on Suits when I get writer’s block – I’m good to go.’

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