About Me

This is not a lifestyle magazine

I am a fella from Melbourne who writes. And this is a platform for words that speak.

Or try to, anyhow.

My affinity for the written word developed in my later teenage years. It started out, as it so often does, with a need to express myself. Thoughts, emotions, ideas – I wanted to be able to take the inside, outside. And I found that writing was the best way to do that.

There’s a difference, however, between writing as mere self expression, and writing as a communicative tool. If you’re writing for yourself and yourself only, it doesn’t matter whether the words reach their intended destination. Because there is no destination. The act of self expression is all that there is. Full stop. Writing that intends to communicate, however, does have a destination, and so it naturally inherits the potential to not reach that destination. Where self-expressive writing involves one person only – you – communicative writing involves at minimum two people, and the passing of information between them.

It took me a little while to discover that what I was really interested wasn’t just self expression. It was communicating. Over the years, I’ve become transfixed on language as a communication device. I’ve studied it at a tertiary level, and spent years dissecting it to see how it works. 

The concept of The Blab Lab is to build a space where I can experiment with language, and its unique ability to react inside those who use it. It’s a space that culminates everything I’ve learned over the years, where I can share all that with you.