Biscotti – Brochure


Create a sales brochure for a print catalogue that provides cafés and small restaurants four practical reasons to stock Viand. The value proposition was chosen by taking the concerns expressed by previous wholesale accounts and using this information to handle such objections before they could arise.

Four Reasons Your Café Needs Viand’s Biscotti

We’ll keep this short and sweet, just like our biscotti.

One: Viand’s Biscotti are Extremely Long-lasting

We don’t use nasty preservatives or yucky additives. Despite that, some of our biscotto options can be stored for months, even years.

This means you can place your order without having to worry about wastage. Pair that with our tiny MOQs and you can rest assured that Viand’s worth taking a chance on.

Two: Storage is Easy and Hassle-Free

We know that storage can be an issue for many café owners. That’s why we deliver our biscotti in plastic containers that are easily stacked and airtight.

All they require is a cool dark space and they’re happy as your uncle named Larry.

Three: We’ve Got Your Display Covered

Unless you’re a brand-new café or restaurant, chances are your shop’s outfit is already just the way you like it. Squeezing an extra product into your display isn’t always possible.                                                                                    

But don’t worry. We’ve got your back.

We can provide you with a beautiful glass shell – 30cm x 30cm – which you can sit up on your counter, or wherever else you have a little patch of flat space.

Four: Keep Customers Coming Back

Great coffee = happy customers. That’s a given. But Melbourne’s known for its great coffee. Sorry to break the news, but great coffee isn’t hard to find. And it’s not enough to keep customers coming back.

In today’s competitive coffee culture, your business needs that little extra capital-o Oomph! to stand out from the crowd.

Our biscotti might not put your café on the map, but it will put it in your customers’ hearts.

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