eCommerce – Socks

Project: Product descriptions for odd socks.

Objective: The idea was to position the brand as being quirky, and personify the products by animating them through story. These stories would then form the centre around which other content marketing could be built.

King Pi:

Pi – an irrational number that will never submit to a fractional sequence. Pie – a type of cake. King – the head of the monarch. King pi – the tastiest, most irrationally large-dotted sock in all the land. Fit for a king, a queen, a jester, an upright-walking kitten – or perhaps even you.

Ms Ziggy: 

Ms Ziggy, otherwise known as the wayward pin’s stripe, can’t be contained to the straight line. She’s a recalcitrant sage, not afraid to explore the heights, but also the depths, of her mother landscape, The Odd Sock. Pushing the limits, defying the odds, she’ll travel up, she’ll travel down, and then she’ll travel ‘round and ‘round. In the pursuit of meaning, in the pursuit of purpose, she’s here to spread joy to brave little pins all around the globe.

Lord of the Socks

Forged by Sir Odd Sock himself, the Lord of the Socks stands tall and regal as our signature sock. On the wrong foot, it is capable of great destruction and chaos. On the right foot, however, this sock will turn heads, drop jaws, and provoke a rumble of “oohs” and “ahhs” from pervy onlookers. It is the anti-invisibility sock. You shall not… repeat – you shall NOT be afraid to stand out from the crowd… m’Lord.

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